2021: Rise from the Rot

Signal Fire’s 2021 theme is a continuation of our 2020, Rise from the Rot. We will continue to affirm the resilience of the Earth and the fecund lessons of decay. As Covid-19 and social revolution dissolve the systems that have failed to serve and oppressed so many, we seek rot and regrowth as a paradigm to disrupt mainstream narratives of cultural and climate failure.

Signal Fire designs safe programs in coordination with rural and tribal communities, trip leaders and participants, outdoor recreational industry leaders, and regional and national health guidelines. This rigorous evaluation applies to seasonal risks such as wildfires, as well as novelties like COVID-19. Signal Fire maintains open communication with program participants and emergent needs will be addressed transparently. During COVID-19, we have gone virtual, postponed, and redesigned our programming. To learn what we’re doing this year, sign up for our newsletter.

This year we celebrate compost, insist upon the power of the invisible, and assert that what seems discarded never truly disappears. We look to underground networks of both the literal mycelial structures under our feet and the figurative coalitions we humans build in defense of the Earth. Above the ground, we look to flowers, fruits, and bodies as the visible expression of the matrix beneath, forms that bring beauty and symbolism to the struggle against tyranny, and exploitation of the land and its people.