Base Camp Supporters

Signal Fire is sustained by a cadre of arts leaders that understand the potential of the natural environment to nourish creativity, and by environmental leaders that know social change cannot occur without cultural work. Make a difference by joining the patrons who ensure this work is possible. Contact We thank the following foundations for their ongoing support:
  • Astrov
  • The Collins Foundation
  • Ronald W. Naito MD Foundation
  • James F and Marion L. Miller Foundation
  • Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
  • Oregon Arts Commission
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Power Past Fracked Gas
  • Regional Arts and Culture Council


Since 2009, Signal Fire has hosted over 350 visual artists, performers, musicians, writers, designers, curators, scientists, activists, and creative agitators. Our alumni support each other in both giving and getting back to wild landscapes, as well as in promoting each others' careers.