Leaf Litter is Signal Fire's Annual Journal, Highlighting the Writing, Visual Work and Interviews of Past Participants.

Co-edited by Amy Harwood and Daniela Molnar.
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Leaf Litter has been generously supported by the Regional Arts & Culture Council and the Kinsman Foundation.

LEAF LITTER #8: The Storyteller Issue
The eight issue considers The Storyteller. The issue features a new essay by Carolyn Finney, The N-Word: Nature, Revisited. It also includes new writing by Caroline Kessler, Anna Ialeggio, Val Dunn, Wendy Given, and Brytnee Laurette. Artwork by Diane Jacobs, Issac Logsdon, Pepper Pepper, Susan Murrell, Caroline Hadilaksono, M Acuff, Jenn Rawling, Miguel Arzabe, Kerri Rosenstein, and Lesly Yobany Mendoza.

Leaf-Litter-7-CoverLEAF LITTER #7: Unwalking the West
The seventh issue is published in tangent with our Unwalking the West program series. The issue includes new writing by Justin Hocking, franciszka voeltz, Caroline Kessler, and a feature piece by Debra Magpie Earling. The artwork featured is from Avantika Bawa, Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Gabriel Liston, Melody Owen, Sharita Towne, Tanja Geis, Janna Añonuevo Langholz, and the cover features Rachelle Reichert and Katie Hargrave.


LEAF LITTER #6: The Future Wild
The sixth issue features writing and art considering the future of wildness. New work by Miguel Arzabe, Zack Bent, Stephanie Brachmann, Bruce Conkle, Katy Davidson, Jodi Darby, Emily Detrick, Eduardo Gabrieloff, Wendy Given, Suzanne Goldenberg, Chelsey Johnson and Kara Thompson, Zoe Keller, Caroline Kessler, Cara Levine, Ron Linn, Megan Marzec, Benjamin Morris, Roger Peet, Veronica Reeves, Kerri Rosenstein, and Sophie StidEach issue includes a copy of the zine Up With Toys, by Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen.

The Wolf Issue features writing and art by participants of our 2014 trips to different wolf habitats around the American West. Featuring work by Cristina Eisenberg, Vanessa Renwick, Pepper Pepper, Stacy Carlson, and much more.

Featuring new work by David Oates, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Josh MacPhee, Eduardo Gabrieloff, interviews with Kari Koch and Kim Stringfellow, and more. Cover features an image from Katherine Ball (featured here). Published and distributed by our friends at Iron Point Press.

Available through Publication Studio where you can view for free, download or order a printed copy. Featuring new work by Peter Rock, Justin Hocking, Elizabeth Pusack, Eva Struble, Nina Montenegro, Jillian Vento, Shaw Pong Liu, Daniela Molnar and an interview with Marisa Anderson.

Featuring artists from our 2011 Outpost residency and original writing from Signal Fire founders Amy Harwood and Ryan Pierce. If you would like a copy of Leaf Litter #2, please send a note with $10 to the address on our Contact page.

In 2010, Signal Fire published the first issue of Leaf Litter, including a short story by Neale Jones, a Conversation between Brett VandenHeuvel and Amy Harwood, an essay by Ryan Pierce, work by Sarah Meadows, and design by Katherine Ball.

Featured image is a detail from the cover of Leaf Litter #7 by Rachelle Reichert.