2021 Outpost

Session One: July 11-17

Session Two: July 19-25

Session Three: July 27- August 2

Meeting Point: Portland, OR

Guides: Wendy Given, Sye Laird, Julie Perini, Aviva McClure and Signal Fire volunteers

Activities: camping, optional day hiking

Considerations: This program is appropriate for anyone in good physical health regardless of previous outdoor experience. Tents are located within half a mile of a road, so this is a bit like car-camping. The setting is remote with no cell service or bathrooms.

Eligibility: Artists from any creative discipline, curators, researchers, and activists. This is a self-directed residency.

Applications: Closed– Rescheduling 2020 participants due to cancelation

Partnerships: Thanks to TUSK for working with Signal Fire this year in enhancing our strategic planning. We are please to offer one participant spot in the third session to a TUSK partner!

Outpost is a unique experience where each of participant will stay in a 12-by-12 foot canvas wall tent some distance from base camp. The tents are water resistant and aside from the food supply, each tent will have a sleeping cot with sheets and blankets, a stool or chair, and a work surface for writing or drawing. You’ll also have a five-gallon water jug and hand-dug latrine. Each tent will have a light source and long-lasting batteries for power. The base camp will have a library, handy tools, first aid supplies, and extra food. Our trusty vehicles will be nearby in case of emergency. 

Your days will be almost entirely self-directed with day hikes and collaborative opportunities sprinkled throughout the week. With COVID restrictions in place, we plan to prepare occasional group dinners and optional gatherings at base camp. During the latter half of each residency, we will invite a few Portland artists and curators to join us at these dinners as guests for the evening.