Signal Fire ran programs from 2010 to 2023.  

This is an archive of those projects, programs, publications and events.

Dear friends,

We regret to announce that Signal Fire ended operations in 2024 as a not for profit organization.

Signal Fire was founded to provide opportunities for artists and creative agitators to engage with our remaining wildlands.  It was started in 2008 by activist Amy Harwood and artist Ryan Pierce. Both wanted to find a way to bring their communities closer to foster more collaboration. As avid backpackers, they imagined small groups traveling together into threatened wildlands, discussing and strategizing ways to shift dominant views of land in the American West.  This vision was refined, expanded, and productively challenged over the years by other collaborators, participants, and partners.  Years later, it continues to resonate; in a time of such drastic cultural, climatic, and social change, we believe that Signal Fire's ethos has something valuable to contribute.

This website is slowly on its way to becoming a complete archive of Signal Fire’s programming since the beginning.  We're so grateful to all of you -- alums, donors, founders, former staff, partners, and friends -- for experiences shared and relationships developed.  It's our hope that this archive will serve to celebrate and share all of the ideas, artworks, and provocations that germinated as part of Signal Fire.  May it also be of service for the new fires of change that we so deeply need.

Onward, with love and courage… and stay in touch!

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