Carbon: Writing in the Pulse

August 24-31, 2018
Oregon Cascades
Type of Trip:
Juried Artist Retreat

The presence of flood and fire is critical to healthy forest ecology. These natural occurrences are referred to as pulsing, a rapid shift of biological makeup in the landscape. They often leave severe-looking landscapes, before plants and animals begin to seize the opportunity to establish new habitat. Human communities impacted by these events are often left with years of recovery and healing. Images of the aftermath can stir powerful sentiments in people from afar. Floods and fires have always shaped the Cascades and its history has deep troves of unwritten material. This region’s climate changing future ensures there will be more to come. But where to begin??

On this trip, we will travel to locations in the Oregon Cascades to witness the shifting forest ecology of post-fire and flood landscapes. Along the way, we’ll shape the trip with time to write and respond to writing prompts in the places we’re traveling. We’ll meet with Indigenous people to learn about the role fire plays in ensuring a right to traditional foods. We’ll be joined by a local forest ecologist and writers who write about the land.

This trip will be a series of three short (2-3 miles) backpacking trips. It is open to writers of all experience and skill level.

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