Copper: Alumni Convergence at the annual March to Oak Flat

February 16-18, 2018
Sonoran Desert
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Signal Fire alumni will converge at the annual March to Oak Flat. For the past three years, hundreds of people have joined an Indigenous-led march to raise awareness about the threatened Apache sacred land an hour east of Phoenix. Oak Flat is currently proposed to become one of the largest copper mines in the world. This event, organized by the Apache Stronghold, has become an important resistance walk and movement building event for Indigenous sovereignty and the protection of our earth, water, and air. The Apache spiritual leaders and youth organizers have held the walk as an inclusive, welcoming event for Natives and non-Natives to come together in opposition to colonization and corporate tyranny. The march is a 45-mile walk that takes place over two days. The route leaves from the San Carlos Apache Reservation and walks up to Oak Flat, a stunning stretch of Sonoran desert ecosystems and currently part of the Tonto National Forest.To learn more about Oak Flat, follow links below:The Apache Way: The March to Oak Flat Oak Flat: Protecting Apache Sacred GroundsTo stay engaged in the campaign, follow Apache Stronghold.

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