Unwalking Zebulon Pike (Alumni Hike)

August 27- September 2, 2016
Southern Rockies
Unwalking The West
Type of Trip:

Who was Zebulon? This lesser known brigadier general surveyed the southern Louisiana Territory just as Lewis and Clark were headed west. When Pike got lost looking for the headwaters of the Red River, he "discovered" Colorado and was subsequently imprisoned by the Spanish, who had "discovered" it already. The follies of expansionism, while sometimes laughable, had serious consequences for the native Coloradans.Our annual alumni trip is a chance to deepen your knowledge of backcountry travel and your involvement with Signal Fire. This year's trip is a chance to experience the Southern Rockies alongside a cadre of new friends. We will learn about the many issues that have shaped and continue to influence the landscape and culture of a fascinating region. The alumni trip is self-organized: Signal Fire will connect participants well before the trip and support them in organizing food, transportation, and in planning the hike. Unlike other adventures, we do not supply food or transport. After completing this trip, participants will feel comfortable planning and realizing a backcountry adventure for themselves and other groups. Plus, you will get to say Zebulon many, many times.Participants: Suzanne Goldenberg, Anna Ialeggio, Cara Levine, Bertrand Morin, Emily Moroz, Roger Peet, Chelsea Peil, Gary Wiseman, Veronica Reeves, Alanna Risse, Cristina Victor

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